Welcome to Episode 465 of the Moving at the Speed of Creativity podcast, a show by Dr. Wesley Fryer (@wfryer) focusing on digital creativity, media literacy, digital literacy, digital citizenship, instructional technology integration and engaged learning both inside and outside the classroom. This episode features a reflection by Wes following the 2019 Summer Institute on Digital Literacy. Wes reflects on ten different “ingredients” which made this a powerful and transformative professional development experience, as well as five different lessons and ideas he’s taking into his 5th and 6th grade Digital Literacy classes this upcoming school year. Check the podcast shownotes for a full list of referenced websites and resources mentioned in this episode. This podcast also includes an interview from the conference with Brian Turnbaugh (@wegotwits) discussing the weaponization of social media and recommended resources for learning more about the ways Russia continues to work to subvert the electoral process in the United States. Remember to also subscribe to “The EdTech Situation Room” (@edtechSR), the weekly webshow and podcast Wes co-hosts with Jason Neiffer each week on Wednesday evenings. Also remember to subscribe to Wes’ (almost) weekly newsletter in which he shares a helpful technology tip, tool, text, and tutorial. Sign up on www.speedofcreativity.org/email-updates.


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  2. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) – Blog
  3. Wes Fryer’s FlipGrid Video Reflections on the 2019 Summer Institute on Digital Literacy (YouTube Playlist)
  4. Homepage / website of the 2019 Summer Institute in Digital Literacy (use the linked spreadsheet to connect to all the lessons / projects of participant groups / dyads!)
  5. Jim Croce “singin’ my song’ reference
  6. Books by David Warlick (@dwarlick) (also “Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century,” which is not included in the previous Amazon author link)
  7. “Design Studio” information from the Summer Institute on Digital Literacy
  8. Carla Arena (@carlaarena)
  9. Alice Barr (@alicebarr) and Cheryl Oakes (@cheryloakes50)
  10. Summarizing Summer Institute in Digital Literacy Learning via Twitter Moments
  11. #digiURI 2019 Learning and takeaways from Renee Hobbs (@reneehobbs)
  12. #digiURI 2019 Learning and takeaways from Julie Coiro (@jcoiro)
  13. #digiURI 2019 Learning and takeaways from Kristin Ziemke (@KristinZiemke)
  14. #digiURI 2019 Learning and takeaways from Dave Quinn (@EduQuinn)
  15. #digiURI 2019 Learning and takeaways from Troy Hicks (@hickstro)
  16. #digiURI 2019 Learning and takeaways from Kristin Hokanson (@khokanson)
  17. #digiURI 2019 Learning and takeaways from Brian Turnbaugh (@wegotwits)
  18. #digiURI 2019 Learning and takeways from Beth Holland (@brholland)
  19. #digiURI 2019 Miscellaneous Learning & Takeaways from #digiURI 2019
  20. Wes’ Twitter Moments (Includes all the above moments from #digiURI 2019)
  21. Brian Crosby (@bcrosby) and The High Hopes Project (High Altitude Balloons)
  22. The EdTech Situation Room (@edtechSR)
  23. Unpacking and Understanding Media Controversy Lesson (3 minute Overview Video)
  24. BitesMedia Controversial Topics (appropriate for middle and high school)
  25. Controversial Topic Articles Curated by Allsides.com
  26. Voyant Tools WordCloud Generator and Analysis Engine
  27. Video Ant Video Annotation
  28. Vialogues Video Annotation
  29. Workshop resources: Filtering the ExoFlood: Strategies for Media and Information Literacy (shortened link: wfryer.me/exoflood)
  30. Joe Rogan Interview with Renée DiResta on Social Media Weaponization / Russian Disinformation (@noupside)
  31. Mind Over Media Propaganda Database (by @MedEduLab)
  32. MSON CoursesMalone Schools Online Network
  33. DigCitCommit Coalition and Competencies
  34. Digital Citizenship Resources from Casady School
  35. Show With Media: What Do You Want to CREATE Today?
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Enthusiastic Media Literacy Educators by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr

Enthusiastic Media Literacy Educators” (CC BY 2.0) by Wesley Fryer

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