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How I Use Noun Project Icons in my Class Lesson Slideshows

This past school year I have absolutely loved the opportunity to return to the classroom teaching fifth and sixth grade digital literacy and media literacy at Casady school, and also teaching an adult Sunday school class at our church (First Presbyterian of Edmond) titled, “Curiosity and Questions: Jesus and Science.” In both cases, I use daily slideshows I create in Google Slides, and I share these via a shared Google Drive folder which is embedded on the Google sites I use for both classes. One of the things I enjoy including in my slideshows, in addition to images as appropriate, are colored icons. My favorite website to use for obtaining icons is The Noun Project, which I learned about from Tony Vincent probably five or six years ago at a conference he organized in Arizona.

Yesterday morning as I was finalizing my slideshow for our last Sunday school class of the year, I recorded a seven minute video demonstrating my workflow on an iPad as I use The Noun Project to find and insert appropriate icons. I do have an educational pro account, which is well worth the small amount of money because it lets me use everything legally without attribution, and can customize the colors exactly as desired.

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How I Use Noun Project Icons in my Class Lesson Slideshows

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How I Use Noun Project Icons in my Class by Wesley Fryer, on Flickr
How I Use Noun Project Icons in my Class” (CC BY 2.0) by Wesley Fryer