In preparation for next week’s face-to-face and online workshop on December 29th, “iOS Apps for Productivity and Fun (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)” I’ve created an accompanying handout which includes categorized lists of applications we’ll be sharing. I say “we” because my kids have agreed to assist me as workshop facilitators! These apps, linked to their respective pages in the iTunes App Store, are listed on If you have not yet registered to join us for the workshop, either face-to-face in Oklahoma City or virtually via and a backchannel, you can still register via EventBrite through December 27th. (F) indicates a free app, (C) indicates the app is commercial, i.e. not free. We won’t demonstrate ALL these apps during the six hour workshop in exhaustive detail, but we are planning to share most of them. This list is still subject to change, check the virtual handout page for the most current version.

Showcased Apps by Category


  1. EverNote (F)
  2. DropBox (F)
  3. Office HD (C – iPad only)
  4. Google (F)

Photo/Video Capture

Photo Editing

Digital Storytelling



Media Upload


  1. Bump (F)
  2. Facebook (F)
  3. Hootsuite (F)
  4. Brizzly (F)
  5. Loopt (F)


  1. Yelp (F)
  2. TripIt (F)
  3. GeoCaching (C)


Media Consumption

  1. Audible (F)
  2. Pandora (F)
  3. Flixster (F)
  4. Netflix (F)
  5. SkyFire (C)
  6. IMDb (F)
  7. Shazam (F)


Music & Art


Geography, Science & Math

Do you have some favorite apps which didn’t make our list? If so, please share them!

If you haven’t already, be sure to checkout the great list of nominated 2010 educational apps from iEAR. Hat tip to Tony Vincent for sharing this list.
Sarah on iPad Launch Day in Portland, Maine

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