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Here are instructions for uploading a video to your YouTube channel. If you haven’t setup your channel yet, see the post, “Create an Educational YouTube Channel” and do that first.


Visit youtube.com and click the SIGN IN link in the upper right corner.

Sign in to YouTube


Click the UPLOAD link at the top of the window and select the video you want to upload. After you click open it will start uploading immediately.
Select video file for YouTube upload


Type a desired title, description, and “tags” for your video. Add several tags, these are keywords which can help you and others find your video when searching. Set the category to EDUCATIONAL.

Set YouTube video meta info

The screenshot below shows an example with these settings defined.

Meta Information for a YouTube video


Click ADVANCED SETTINGS. Under “Comments and Responses” change the setting for “Allow Comments” to APPROVED. (By default it’s set to ALL.)

Turn on Comment Moderation in YouTube

That’s it, you’re done! YouTube should automatically save the changes you make, or you can manually click the SAVE button at the bottom of the screen. To make more changes to your videos, click your channel ID in the upper right corner and choose VIDEO MANAGER. You can also click MY CHANNEL to view the “public”version of your channel. This is what other people see when they come to your YouTube channel.


For more suggestions and techniques for using YouTube instructionally, see:
  1. Google’s official support page: “How to Upload Videos to YouTube
  2. August 2012 conference notes: “Exploring Instructional Uses of YouTube with Lucy Gray (August 2012)

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2 Responses to Tutorial: How To Upload a Video to YouTube

  1. Nic Shellabarger says:

    Wesley, can I ask what you used to create this tutorial?

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    I helped a high school math teacher this week setup a YouTube channel and upload his first video, he asked for a how-to guide to use as a reminder for the things to do in terms of meta info / comment moderation.

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