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Three exemplary International Schools in Hong Kong

Yesterday I had the pleasure of touring three fantastic international schools here in Hong Kong, China. Derek Rutt, the Director of IT for the International School of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, was also able to go on this superb tour coordinated by Paul White of the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong. We toured Discovery College, Renaissance College, and the Canadian International School of Hong Kong.

This eleven photograph VoiceThread summarizes some of the high points of our school visits yesterday. I’ve included links within the VoiceThread to the schools’ websites as well as topics I address, including Typhoon Cho wan (which hit Hong Kong just before my flight arrived here,) the RFID chip “Octupus Card” used here in Hong Kong to pay for all sorts of things, etc.

I took 380 photographs yesterday, but because my hotel broadband connection is a little slow here I have not uploaded all of them yet to my Flickr set. I’m still uploading, so depending on when you view them they may all be uploaded.

This was not by design, but it ended up that all three schools to which Paul took us yesterday are Apple schools which are primarily using Macbook laptops with students in 1:1 learning initiatives. Both Paul and Derek are tablet PC affectionados, so I’m not sure what this touring experience had on their own ideas about Apple’s value in education. Certainly this affirmed what I’ve already known: Of all the companies involved in educational technology, Apple has done the most and continues to do the best job supporting educators at all levels with effective technology integration, including 1:1 laptop projects.

I also shot several short videos yesterday, which I will upload and share soon as well, from our different school visits.

The 21st Century Learning @ Hong Kong conference starts this afternoon with the “Flat Classroom workshop” led by Julie Lindsey (currently teaching in Bejing) and Kim Cofino (currently teaching in Bangkok.) It was great to visit with Julie and Kim briefly this morning at lunch, and I can’t wait to learn with them as well as students and teachers who will be involved in their workshop this week!

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