These are my notes from Larry Anderson’s presentation “Podcasting & Mobile Media for Teaching & Learning” at the 2011 Mississippi Educational Computing Association annual conference in Jackson on February 8th. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS. (I AUDIO RECORDED THIS SESSION AND GOT MALIA’S PERMISSION TO SHARE IT LATER AS A PODCAST.)

Why use mobile media and podcasting? I’m after BRAINSPACE for students (to get on their iPad)
– students didn’t have a course on iPod literacy
– do you think kids today had a course on iPods? Of course they didn’t!

We have a lot of devices around us today that help define how we communicate and gather together
– slow is relative

How do we learn?

Video: Cisco Welcome to the Human Network Effect (soccer video)

Showing “guitar” video: >84 million views to date

Now hearing from Helen Mowers, videoconferencing in from Austin, Texas at the TCEA conference
– Helen is a teacher in Killeen, Texas
– last summer they did a 21st Century Learning Conference they called, “We Learn”

Helen and Anna Adam publish “Tech Chick Tips” the podcast

Big takeaway from our podcasting experiences over the past 5 years: It’s important to be conversational and natural
– there is a lot of behind-the-scenes prep, but it is not just about scripting
– the medium helps showcase what you know, but also reflect on experiences and ideas to grow in learning

Larry: Their experiences with podcasting shows the vital importance of the teacher’s voice in podcasting

Podcasting is the most democratizing technology, because now everyone can have their own radio station
– podcasting started in 2004

Podcasting is not broadcasting, it is specific: It’s narrowcasting

Always On By Katie Morrow and Michelle Bourgeois

Always On - Download free podcast episodes by Katie Morrow and Michelle Bourgeois on iTunes.

I believe “All Leaders are Reader”
– what are you reading now?

I used LibSyn for podcast hosting ($6 per month for 100 MB of content) – AND LIBSYN IS GREAT FOR PODCASTING SINCE BANDWIDTH IS UNLIMITED

Remember iTunes doesn’t host content outside of iTunesU, it just points to

I checked my podcast subscriptions and I had 7500 subscribers several months ago

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