This is a guest post by my 13 year old son, Alexander.

So I don’t normally write things up but but dad asked me to share this. I love building and playing with legos. It is always fun to build fancy ships but the lego minifigure is also one of the best tools to make stopmotion films with. I have tried to make a couple of films of my own but it is really fun to also see what other films people are making.

One very good film that I found that I wanted to share made by pixelspersecond on youtube mimics the CSI Television show. This youtuber has not made brickfilms before but he has done an awesome job with this first one. He also does a wonderful job of making the different backdrops and lighting but what I love the most about this film that not many others do is that they make them talk. In other films they will have audio with voices but in this brickfilm they have gone in during editing and have moved there mouths using a computer program and synced it with the audio so it actually looks like they are talking. Just a warning before you watch this great film it is a crime show and there is a murder at the beginning of it were he added some unneeded gor so if you start watching it keep going because it gets a lot beter after the initial opening.

On a side note, I first saw this video on groovebricks which is a cool lego blog that I read so check them out as well!!

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2 Responses to Awesome Brickfilm

  1. Eric Lawson says:

    Any idea what computer program is used to make the mouths move on these Lego videos?

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Yes, Adobe After Effects. The author (Joe Nicolosi) replied to my question to him on Twitter. He said it took 4 solid days of animating to create this!!/TehPwnShop/status/128667346867994624

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