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Podcast 436: The Technology Director Speaks

11 topics in 67 minutes! In this podcast recording, Dr. Wesley Fryer shares some updates about his new position this year as a school technology director, previews “iPad Media Camp in a box” for summer 2016, shares his current favorite podcasts and audiobooks, discusses lessons learned about fiber optic cabling, and lessons learned from seven videoconferences (five of which were international) in fall 2015. In addition, Wes shares about current “Classroom Projection Options” and “AirPlay Mirroring Guidelines,” discusses an upcoming VOIP phone transition at his school, and highlights lessons learned from firewall shopping and comparisons this semester. Finally, he discusses some of the issues which have come up recently as his 11 year old (Rachel) has become an aspiring YouTube Minecrafter, forthcoming updates to his mailing list, and answers a question about searchable Google Docs. Check out the podcast shownotes for an exhaustive list of referenced resources from this podcast.


  1. Too Overwhelmed & Guilty to Blog Much (Sept 2015 post)
  2. PodLove Podcast Publisher WordPress Plugin
  3. iPad Media Camp 2016 Interest Survey
  4. (@ipadmediacamp)
  5. Clockwise Podcast (@clockwisepod)
  6. The Committed: A Weekly Tech Podcast (@CommittedShow)
  7. Adam Jones Education Podcast (@adamjonesed)
  8. Tweet NestWes’ Tweet Nest-powered Twitter Archive
  9. “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Liz Gilbert (@GilbertLiz)
  10. “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future” by Ashlee Vance (@valleyhack)
  11. SpaceX (@spacex)
  12. Tesla Motors (@tesla)
  13. Solar City (@solarcity)
  14. Subscription
  15. TWiT (This Week in Tech) Podcast (@twit)
  16. SpaceX Will Try Its Next Rocket Landing on Solid Ground (2 Dec 2015 Fortune Magazine article)
  17. Fiber Optic Cable
  18. XSEED Education | Foundation for Life (@xseededucation)
  19. TeamViewer – the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings
  20. Zoom Video Conferencing
  21. Podcast429: Creating to Learn – Videoconference Keynote to Bangalore, India
  22. Olin College (amazing #STEM Engineering University in Needham, MA, just outside Boston)
  23. Flickr Album Photos from Northeast College Visits – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and Olin)
  24. Jeremy Gilley: @JeremyGilley – Founder of Peace One Day
  25. Videoconference to Peru Photos with Global Nomads (@global_nomads) – Sept 9-10, 2015
  26. M-Audio M-Track or Avid Fast Track Duo (similar to my older M-Audio Mobile Pre)
  27. Audio Technica Boundary Microphone
  28. AirPlay Mirroring Guidelines (DRAFT)
  29. Planning for Smart School Network Management (August 2015 post)
  30. Classroom Projection Options (DRAFT)
  31. Meraki Firewall
  32. Sonicwall Next Generation Firewall
  33. Rachel Fryer’s website: (@RachfMC)
  34. Rachel’s YouTube channel: RachelArtist
  35. “How I Edit My YouTube Videos” by Rachel (11 minutes – using Screenflow software)
  36. Podcast430: Minecraft Summer Camp with Connected Camps
  37. Connected Camps (@connectedcamps)
  38. Our [MINECRAFT] Our Kid Club Is Now Free (by Connected Camps – 30 Oct 2015)
  39. Our Daughter Plays Minecraft with International YouTubers (21 Nov 2015 post)
  40. Active Campaign (@ActiveCampaign) for email marketing recommended by Chris Maselli (@cpnm)
  41. Selling Well for Non-Fiction Writers by Chris Maselli (24 Oct 2015 post)
  42. Show What You Know with Media:
  43. Fuel for Educational Change Agents
  44. Follow Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  45. Free Podcast Stingers from
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