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Glimpsing the Future with Alec Ross

The World Affairs Council podcast (@world_affairs) is one of my current favorites. As a fan of political science, history, international relations, global geo-politics as well as science and technology trends, it’s a home run for me. The guests they have on their programs are top notch. Like TEDtalks, it’s amazing we can access such high quality media content for FREE. I’ve gained some extremely thought provoking insights into a variety of topics since I started subscribing and listening to the World Affairs Council podcast back in March of 2014. The last two weeks, I’ve absolutely LOVED listening to and sharing insights from Alec Ross (@AlecJRoss) when he discussed his book, “The Industries of the Future” in February 2016 for World Affairs. Here’s a quotation from his book that I love:

Land was the raw material of the agricultural age. Iron was the raw material of the industrial age. Data is the raw material of the information age.

As a STEM teacheravid “media creation evangelist” and educational technology user, this quotation resonates with me on multiple levels. Check out the video version or audio podcast of Alec’s hour long conversation with Brad Stone. (@BradStone)

I’m now in the habit of “tweeting my learning” when I’m listening to an audiobook or podcast, as well as attending a conference session or (sometimes) reading a nonfiction book. Here are my “tweeted nuggets” from Alec, gleaned from this February 2016 World Affairs Council conversation. I used an Audible credit tonight to add his book to my library. This means more tweets like this are coming in the weeks ahead!

Add this recorded presentation with Alec Ross to your #WatchLater YouTube playlist or your favorite podcatcher on your smartphone. Mine continues to be PocketCasts! (@pocketcasts)

Future by Celestine Chua, on Flickr
Future” (CC BY 2.0) by  Celestine Chua