Welcome to the November 5, 2016, podcast episode of “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” with Wesley Fryer, which explores topics relating to artificial reality, free online learning channels and a STEAM Studio reflection. Wes discusses Steven Levy’s recent article for Backchannel, “The Google Assistant Needs You,” and our current “transition era” as artificial intelligence (AI) technologies mature and become normalized in our lives. He also discusses Elon Musk’s recent announcement about camouflaged solar roof panels, and a recent video interview with Musk in which he discussed his reasons for starting the OpenAI (@openai) initiative. Musk’s concerns about mature AI technologies are not limited to a RoboCop-style malicious AI future, but also include the danger of AI technologies being tightly controlled by a small number of entities. To guard against the dangers latent in that future scenario, Musk wants more groups, individuals and nations to have access to powerful AI algorithms and capabilities through the open source movement. In part two of the podcast, Wes discussed some of his favorite podcast channels and websites which provide fantastic opportunities for free, online learning. This begins with the K12 Online Conference (@k12online) which launched its 2016-17 mini-conference series on October 21st with a 3 part keynote and live panel discussion on YouTube Live with Julie Lindsay (@julielindsay). This first strand of the conference this year focuses on global collaboration. Strand two will focus on “Learning Spaces” and starts November 14th with a keynote by David Jakes (@djakes). Favorite tech podcasts mentioned by Wes in this episode include Clockwise by RelayFM (@clockwisepod), The Committed (@CommittedShow), and Note to Self (@notetoself). Wes also mentioned his weekly podcast and live webshow (on most Wednesday nights) The EdTech Situation Room (@edtechSR). The third part of this podcast features a recorded reflection by elementary art teacher Megan Thompson (@seeingnewshapes) and Wes discussing the “STEAM Studio” after-school enrichment class the co-taught this past semester together. They discuss things that went well, things they would change, and success stories from this STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) collaboration. If you listen to and enjoy this episode, please reach out to Wes with a comment or via a Twitter reply to @wfryer. Thanks for listening to “Moving at the Speed of Creativity!”


  1. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  2. Correction to this podcast: I host my podcast audio files now on AmazonS3 and use the service S3Stat to visualize and view S3 account log access statistics)
  3. [VIDEO] Elon Musk unveils Solar Roof (28 Oct 2016, 15 min)
  4. Election Update: The Campaign Is Almost Over, And Here’s Where We Stand (@NateSilver538)
  5. ‘Before the Flood’ is Leonardo DiCaprio’s hard-hitting climate change documentary – and you can watch it for free
  6. Tesla PowerWall2
  7. The Google Assistant Needs You (Backchannel by Steven Levy (@StevenLevy), 25 Oct 2016)
  8. Elon Musk elaborates on his A.I. concerns (2016.9.15) – 20 min
  9. “Voices from DARPA” Podcast (on YouTube and SoundCloud)
  10. K12 Online Conference (@k12online)
  11. 2016-17 Schedule for the K12 Online Conference
  12. Clockwise Podcast by RelayFM (@clockwisepod)
  13. The Committed Podcast (@CommittedShow)
  14. Note to Self Podcast (@notetoself)
  15. The EdTech Situation Room (@edtechSR)
  16. Reflecting on Fall 2016 STEAM Studio (VIDEO – 24:44)
  17. Megan Thompson (@seeingnewshapes)
  18. Wes Fryer’s STEM Curriculum: stem.wesfryer.com
  19. Podcast production notes: Parts 1 and 2 were recorded on an iPhone with Ferrite Recording Studio, Part 3 with Voice Record Pro. Audio files were combined on a MacBook laptop with Audacity software, then normalized with Auphonic.com.

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