These are my notes, tweets and re-tweets from Donna Orem’s opening keynote at the 2018 ATLIS Conference in Washington D.C. The title of her keynote was “Innovating in the Fast Lane: The Role for Technology Leaders in the Coming Decade.” Donna is the President of the National Association of Independent Schools. The description of her keynote was:

Accelerated change is the forecast for the next decade. From Artificial General Intelligence to digital platforms, emerging technologies are altering the context in which independent schools have traditionally operated. At the same time, we are experience a blurring of boundaries as traditional service providers are disrupted by new entrants. Technology leaders can play a key strategic role in partnering with heads of school to navigate change and seize new opportunities. We’ll examine the trends and call out the possibilities.

Book to Read: The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, And Prosperity In A Time Of Brilliant Technologies by Erik Brynjolfsson (@erikbryn) and Andrew Mcafee (@amcafee).

Disrupter: Unprecedented Boost to Mental Power

Forces of the 2nd Machine Age
– exponentially improving technology
– the digitization of everything
– network effects in a connected world
– exploding combinatorial effects

Third Education Revolution
– early 1900s: high school for all
– 1960s: college for all
– Today: continuous learning

Stanford Open Loop University

How are workforce changes going to affect our educational system
– The Gig Economy
– The Sharing Economy
– cutting out ‘the core institutions’ that used to link us (me: disintermediation)
– Uber, AirBnB

Digital Divide of Haves and Haves Not
– movement to look at how you consider that the wealth isn’t all concentrated at the top
– co-op platforms

Favorite Site: KnowledgeWorks: Leading the Future of Learning

Blurring of boundaries between home schooling, bricks and mortar, and community in the future
– society is very blending
– people no longer want to consume in silos

PEW research: Themes of Change by 2025 – What will digital life look like in 2025? Highlights from our reports

Key challenge for leaders: we need board representation from our past, present and future
– often our boards don’t change much

Book recommendation: Machine, Platform, Crowd: Harnessing Our Digital Future

With AI’s advance we are going to need to let go of some things and some control

Social and emotional aspects of the value proposition of independent schools will continue to be more important to share with parents

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