I learned this evening (via Darren Kuropatwa) that Google Documents has a wonderful new feature– online collaborative presentations! Google announced this on Monday. I’m eager to give this a try. There are several presentations (most notably my session on safe digital social networking) which I’ve repeatedly shared with others. (Download links to the slides of various versions are available on the previous link both as PDF and PPT files.) Rather than upload presentation files via FTP to my server and then create a link to that file on my wiki, as I’ve done previously, it would be more efficient (and more powerful, since the presentation could be collaboratively edited) to use Google Docs online.

Darren also linked to a great video explanation of Google Documents from the Lee LeFever of the Commoncraft Show. It is available on YouTube as well:

I’ve added this to my “Videos for PD” blog page under “Web 2.0.” I just love the way the Commoncraft Crew explains complicated things in powerful, simple ways! Surely they are modeling some “best practices” for digital storytelling! If you want to provide the production team for this video with direct feedback, post a comment on their blog post for the video.

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3 Responses to Another compelling reason to work online

  1. Lee LeFever says:

    Thanks a bunch for the kind words and sharing the video Wesley!

  2. Wesley Fryer says:

    Thank you Lee! (I fixed my mispelling of your name in the original post too, sorry about that!)

  3. Chad Bruns says:

    I have been using zoho.com for collaborative student projects. It is basically the exact same thing as this. My question is if google docs are better?

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