These are my notes from Berlin Fang and Luke Hartman’s presentation “Putting Learning In Student Pockets: Mobile Learning at Oklahoma Christian University” at the 2010 Heartland eLearning Conference hosted by the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. MY THOUGHTS AND REFLECTIONS ARE IN ALL CAPS. The Heartland eLearning conference is on Twitter, has a conference blog, and a Facebook fan page.


Website where session resources are: (blog)

EduCause Quarterly article: From Distraction to Engagement: Wireless Devices in the Classroom By Berlin Fang

very difficult to make the case for using mobile technologies with faculty
– search for YouTube: professors vs gadgets

Big ban theory
– Univ of Memphis Law School cut off Internet access in the dorms
– I don’t think this is the answer
– I’m from China, we’re familiar with banning technologies
– when you are banning something in the classroom, you are sending very negative messages to students

Messages we hear when restrictive approaches to technology are used:
– Innovator, early adopter, early majory, late majority, my professor”
– I don’t rust you can put learning in your own hands”

Contain or channel?
– story: in ancient China there were 2 kings facing flooding problems
– 1 king built a dam, but that never worked
– the 2nd king learned a lesson: he built channels and canals to take the water to where it was needed, and to the sea
– I think this is a very wise strategy
– instead of banning the laptop and technology, we should channel this

Great wall of China:
– didn’t start as a tourist attraction
– one of our earliest dynasties built this
– this was one of the shortest lived dynasties in Chinese history
– hopefully we can learn something from this history

lots of faculty members are going to this mobile technology learning concept with lots of screaming and hair pulling
– we’ve beeen thinking about this and experimenting with it a lot

faculty complain students are distracted, students are not listening to my lectures any more, their device is a wall between them

Jyri Engestrom: Univ of Helsinki: “Historically accumulating ……

standing in front of the blackboard
– movie “Serious Man” screensnap

triangle: message, medium, and method
– most people focus on the medium (laptop, online course)
– actually your teaching METHOD and MESSAGE has to change as well

students should be required to reassemble your content and message in some way

another triangle: subject, object, and community

We encourage faculty to tell students guidelines and rules at the start of class

traditional teaching: teacher is control of EVERYTHING

Anatomy of an activity

How NOT to integrate mobile technology
– failing to motivate (“cool” does not motivate faculty)
– creating fear of job security
– having a bad introduction
– taking vendor promises too literally
– leaving tech to take charge
– failing to adapt to change
– having tech dominate teaching

Showing Tom and Jerry cartoon (maid, “sorry to disturb you Master Thomas”)
– See WikiPedia article for “Push-Button Kitty”

HQ Tom & Jerry 070 Push Button Kitty

– “that cat must be tenured”
– change comes anyway
– Mechano: The cat of tomorrow
– “progress / the machine age”
– students adapt to the changes

Integration into the classroom:
– motivate learners
– organize content
– be the model
– institute rules
– leverage tools
– evaluate results

Cane’s conditions of learning
– 9 instructional events

Iowa State contract with students:
“If your cellular phone is heard by the class, you ar responsible for completing one of two options” (singing a song, etc..)

Enriching the class
– attendance app

Creating opportunities for collaboration
– 3 Amigos analogy

We use wikis for collaboration

Our “InTouch” application on iTunes can be used for students to find each other

Oklahoma Christian instructor who used podcast capture to share his lecture during the blizzard

another example: Extending the classroom, “Food for Thought”
– instructional tech support followed him to the grocery store, to his kitchen
– he has many short videos like this
– I never get paid for extra work like this, but I get good BBQ to eat!

Teach – Listen – Produce –> submit

Mobile rehearsal
– extracts music for different parts, stores it in iTunesU
– students download them, and can listen to them as many times as they want
– students can record their performance using iMovie, and submit it via BlackBoard
– students say they love it, because they are learning at different speeds
– computer tech never tires of playing a song over and over
– mp3 formats: students can also use their mobile devices

I asked Dr Adams why he asked them to record a video instead of

Last example: James Dvorak teaching Elementary Greek

OC iTunesU – 10210SP-REK-5113-01 – Course Video

Now hearing from Luke Hartman

inTouch Native App
– mobile version of MYOC (campus portal)
– converge campus information

Pulls class info from Blackboard
– pulls media, course specific files where instructors can put media files specific to their course

Have LIVE updates from laundry room of available washers and dryers
– menu on demand
– gives access to any type of media
– showing videos plaing within

Used the iPhone simulator to create the video deoms he’s using

Feedback app allows for polling
– realtime feedback
– similar to clicker devices

Here app: is attendance taking app
– lets students enter a password that the faculty member gives them
– or faculty members can click on a student’s face to take attendance
– easy way to take attendance


We have 3×5 application: a flashcard app, can create your own flashcards
– can create decks online
– cycles through them

See for iPhone app info

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