This podcast features an extended reflection by Dr. Wesley Fryer on the multitude of educational technology learning nuggets he gleaned from sessions shared at the ATLIS 2017 Conference in Burbank, California, April 23-26, 2017. All of Wes’ shared notes from keynotes, workshops and sessions at ATLIS 2017 are available in a shared Google Drive folder linked from Refer to the podcast shownotes for specific websites, resources, videos, tweets, and other referenced links from this podcast. Some of the topics addressed in this reflection include classroom wireless projection options (for multiple platforms: AirPlay, Windows Surface/Windows10, and Chrome), resources to support student coding, toy hacking, Raspberry Pi, creating accessible (sub-titled) videos with the automated speech-to-text features in Apple’s new “Clips” app, and cybersecurity. Within the realm of cybersecurity, topics included 2 step verification, phishing, local tests to measure teacher’s awareness of and savvy to phishing, spear fishing, GAFE / GSuite data backup options, the need for school network segmentation, and more. If you find any of the ideas from this podcast insightful or helpful, please reach out by sharing a comment on the podcast post on, or by reaching out on Twitter or Mastodon to Wes (@wfryer or


  1. Follow Dr. Wesley Fryer on Twitter: @wfryer
  2. Access all of Wes’ ATLIS 2017 shared notes:
  3. Wes’ Photos from ATLIS 2017 (99 on Flickr)
  4. Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools (ATLIS)
  5. ShiftInEdu (re-branded Miami Device conference)
  6. Jamie Casap@jcasap (Google Educational Evangelist)
  7. VIDEO: Acton Academy – A Day in the Life
  8. Tim Fish @poketheedbox
  9. AirServer software
  10. AirParrot 2 for Chrome
  11. Bonjour Gateway with Cisco Meraki
  12. Bloxels (students build digital games in analog space first)
  13. Clips App for iPhone (from Apple)
  14. My 1st sandbox video created with Clips (includes speech-to-text subtitles)
  15. GAFE (GSFE) Google Admins Podcast (@gsfeadmins)
  16. Novoconnect (multi-protocol projection streaming)
  17. pi-topCEED (Raspberry Pi kit)
  18. March is for Making: Makerspace as UnConference Learning (by @techsavvygirl)
  19. Create, Make and Learn Institute (STEM & MakerEd, 31 July – 4 August 2017 in Burlington, Vermont)
  20. Sam Patterson (@sampatue)
  21. Sam Patue’s YouTube channel
  22. Elaine Wrenn @ewrenn
  23. Resources for Design Challenges from Echo Horizon School (@EchoHorizon), Sam Patterson and Elaine Wrenn
  24. Tinkercad – Create 3D digital designs with online CAD
  25. VIDEO: Opening TinkerCAD 3D Designs in Minecraft
  26. Crafting a Culture of Innovation (Storify of my tweets from this workshop)
  27. Backup options for GSuite: Backupify and Spanning
  28. Google 2 Step Verification
  29. Avoid and report phishing emails – Gmail Help
  30. LastPass Enterprise
  31. Kaspersky Malware Scanning and Removal
  32. Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS
  33. Auphonic (for normalizing podcast audio)
  34. The EdTech Situation Room Podcast (@edtechSR)
  35. Fuel for Educational Change Agents Podcast

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