The release of iOS 4.0 software introduced the option to create folders for categories of applications on Apple mobile devices. Instead of having nine screens of apps on my iPhone, I’m now able to have two screens primarily of app folders. This is my current home screen:

Since the number of apps in a folder is limited, as I add more apps I’ve been forced to organize them into new categories. My favorite iOS apps are definitely those which support media creation and sharing. My current categories for these apps are:






Facebook and Loopt could fit in the Upload category too, since they support photo uploads. Ustream Broadcaster, 12Up, Audioboo, iPadio, and Cinch technically support uploads too. These are the best categories I could devise at this point for my media creation and sharing apps, however.

If you have a smartphone and are using folders for app organization, how are you categorizing apps for media production and sharing?

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3 Responses to iPhone Media Creation App Categories

  1. I use

    Online Presos: for apps that allow me to create, participate, and broadcast, like Animoto. iPadio, Skype, Connect, uStream Viewer, etc.
    I have two folders for Photography editing apps
    I leave my main social apps on the first screen, in no folder
    I have one called Data Storage for the online storage apps
    I have one called Video for video-editing apps

    However, I do find myself using the search function to find things. I do like your organization structure for the media production apps…thanks for sharing!

  2. Allanah King says:

    I spent a decent amount of time yesterday sorting my folders, now I need to remember where what folder I put hings in- a bit like the old days when I was manuallt cataloging library books. Does this app go under – juniors, maths, special ed, art? I could pick only one folder.

    Have you tried ‘360 panorama’?

    It does this

  3. Wesley Fryer says:

    Allanah: It definitely can be challenging to pick a single folder for apps that fit in multiple categories! TwitPic is like that for me… is it social? Is it a photo app? I ended up putting it in my ‘upload’ folder, but it certainly could fit other places.

    I haven’t tried 360 panorama and am captivated by your example!!! I’m going to download it and give it a try. That sort of “QuickTime VR” feel of the image is superb, and something Pano can’t (at this point at least from what I’ve seen) do comparably.

    I wonder if there is a way to embed that in a Keynote presentation?

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