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Harnessing the Digital Landscape by David Warlick

These are my notes from David Warlick‘s presentation, “Harnessing the Digital Landscape” at the February 8, 2012 Oklahoma Technology Association / Encycl-Media Conference. David maintains the fantastic website “Landmarks for Schools” and blogs at 2¢ Worth. MY THOUGHTS AND COMMENTS ARE IN ALL CAPS. The official session description was:

Never before have the walls of our classrooms been so transparent. The Internet- digital cameras- audio recorders- editing software- and an emerging global conversation are combining to redefine the classroom. This presentation will expose participants to a range of wizardry for capturing and cooking digital content for teaching and learning. (a longer description is available here:

David Warlick at #otaem12

Arithmetic plays a central part in our digital landscape

This presentation is different from my normal ‘linear’

We live in an information environment of sharing

One of the best things you can walk away from this conference is a group of people you can keep asking questions from

going to start with video
– starting with a video clip of a bird flying away after being perched on a ledge
– can turn on AV controls to make it play at half speed
– so this can make some things which were INVISIBLE now VISIBLE
– we can even (in some cases) make things that didn’t exist, exist!

There’s no problem with you seeing me struggle up here / relearn and learn how to do something
– your students will be fine seeing you struggle with things, and helping in that process

My expectation today isn’t that you’ll walk out of here knowing how to do all these things
– I want you to better understand that because information is made of 1’s and 0’s, it’s something you and I can manipulate and transform!

Basic skill now: look for tutorials on YouTube about different topics

example video David’s son made reversing a clip of tearing up a cup

– many of us are now walking around with cameras in our pockets

showing examples of images of things in motion/flight that are captured in amazing ways

now showing examples of HDR images in Flickr from his set “Post Processed”

iPhone app recc from David to transfer photos from an iPhone over to your computer: Wifi Photo Transfer

Pixelmator (I used to use PhotoShop Elements, but it takes a long time to load)
– using a similar pixels selection tool and varying the tolerance to remove the background

Intellectual property owners may be less likely to plagiarize the works of others

now using Audacity and showing how to do some basic audio editing
– recorded some sample audio
– using to import some audio files

American Memories project has all the past issues of “Stars and Stripes” from WWII

Many Eyes is a data visualization tool from IBM
– showing the “phrase net” tool
– shows relationships between words

Tag clouds are an example of tools that let us learn about ourselves NOT Through the media and publishing industry, but rather through tools we can manage and manipulate

TwitScoop is the coolest thing on the net! (alternate Twitter client that

iPad Music app reccs from David:

Music Studio (for music making – $15)
miniSynth ($2)
Virtuoso Piano Pro Classic (99¢)
NLog MIDI Synth ($5)
PocketGuitar (99¢)
MiniPiano (free)
Drum Meister Grand ($2)
Sylo Synthesiser (free)
iSequence ($5)
Rockmate (great for making music together! $3)
Pocket Organ C3B3 ($3)

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